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Welcome to Bochonow

Maschinenbau Bochonow

Hermann Marburger-Theimer

Bochonow Maschinenbau is one of Germany's first and foremost manufacturers of screenprinting equipment. Since the beginning, we continue to evolve
the Bochonow range of durable, high-quality, semi-
and 3/4-automatic screenprinting machines as well
as the entire line of SIRI ancillary screenprinting

Bochonow equipment ranges from our manual screenprinting table series 5000-pro to manual screen washout and reclaiming booths with integrated waste water treatment systems. Our equipment designs meet the demanding production requirements of the screenprinting market and include applications for industrial, graphics, and textile screenprinting companies. read more »

New 3D-UV-Dryer from Bochonow® - for manifold applications! more »


From the Desk of
Hermann Marburger-Theimer

public holidays
Our company is closed 26th/27th of May and 06th and 16th/17th of June, 2022!
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(23.05.2022 08:23)

BOCHONO service
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(01.02.2022 14:00)

New quiet UVC air purifier for larger rooms
New quiet UVC air purifier for larger rooms
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(31.08.2021 11:34)

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