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INPRINT Munich 15th – 17th March 2022

Visit us: Hall B5 Booth No. 549

INPRINT Munich 12th – 14th November 2019

Visit us: Hall A6 Booth No. 556

SGIA ‚17 New Orleans, LA, USA

Booth No. 3375 dlpic
October 10-12 2017

INPRINT 2017 14.-16.November 2017, Munich

Visit us: Hall 6 Booth A228

GLASSTEC 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany

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INPRINT 2015 10.-12.November 2015, munich/germany

Visit us: Hall 6 Booth F51

23. FAKUMA Friedrichshafen

Inprint 2014, Hannover

Visit us: Hall 21 Stand A18

TecStyleVisions 2014, Stuttgart

Visit us: Hall 4 Stand D32


UV - Belt Dryer UV-Star²

NEW! With touch-screen control and 20 different memory places (programmes)!

Bochonow - UV-Bandtrockner UV-Star²

Newly designed, all UV-Star²-models come with touch-screen control. Most recent electronic developments enable the programming of all relevant operational parameters by means of display entry and storing in 20 different memory places (programmes).

These Programmes can be allocated to specific drying tasks (UV-ink types, ink layer thickness, substrate, etc.) and recalled at any time for pre-set jobs (Dryer on Demand).

The tape speed is stepless adjustable in m/min and the UV-Power can be programmed stepless from 30-100% by means of display entry and can be stored (if desired) in one of the 20 memory places (programmes).

All relevant messages will be displayed in plain text on the touch-screen display.

Optionally RFID-compatible!

Because of the advanced technology, the optional use oft he RFID-module (see OPTIONS) is possible and creates a resource which meets all requirements of a modern and efficient industrial manufacturing!


Bochonow Presents Innovations at FESPA 2010

BOCHONOW presented a couple of innovations at FESPA 2010 in Munich, for the first time together with new equipment of THEIMER GmbH, who are known worldwide as specialists for innovative systems engineering in UV-technologies. As a special highlight, all exhibited machines were fully RFID-compatible and the use of this futuristic technology was shown on live demonstrations.

The newly designed, automatic developing plant GENIAL could convince the professional visitors with a bunch of innovations. The backlit wall with the most modern LED-technology, the easy to maintain swing out tank for the closed loop water and customer friendly plug-and-play installation, most modern touch-screen-technology and a price level, which allows smaller companies adopt this type of automation also, attracted much interest. With additional options, the GENIAL is also available as a combined Developing-/Degreasing-Plant or as a Developing-/Degreasing- and Reclaiming-Plant, in different sizes including jumbo sizes up to 4x8 meter.

The combined exposure plant BOXLITE was able to proof excellent exposure results using the new rubber blanket with diamond-structured surface. In combination with the optional drying cabinet (or storing cabinet with 10 drawers) a optimally equipped exposure centre could be created. With a wider range of ideas for the forced use of light sources with shutter-systems instead of quickstart-systems, a lot of visitors took background information’s with them. For the various applications, the BOXLITE is offered with both systems, but BOCHONOW feels responsible for advising their customers and see this as an essential part of a long lasting customer relationship.

The UV-belt-dryer UV-Star² was presented at FESPA for the first time with the most modern touch-screen-controller and the energy saving electronic ballast (EVG). These devices allow the stepless programming of different parameters of UV-Power (stepless from 30-100%) and Belt-Speed (stepless 0-24 m/min) and the ability to storing 20 of these parameters. Thereby these preset parameters can be called up for most diverse UV-inks in connection with different ink layer thickness.

For the first time the PrintSociety was introduced at FESPA 2010. The competence centre of RKS, IGS, BOCHONOW and THEIMER wants to be seen and understood as a non-profit organisation for the developing and standardisation of most innovative processive steps in the screen printing industry. More information is available in the internet on

GENIAL - The new automatic screen developing system from Bochonow demonstrated its by the compact and customer friendly design.

Bochonow - Genial
  • The swing-out tank fort he closed loop water system offers most easy maintenance with easy handling
  • Plug-and-play installation of all connection to power, water and waste water, allows on-hand-use and simplifies the cleaning process
  • The LED equipped backlit wall offers a streak-free illumination, maximum energy saving and makes yellow light unnecessary, because the LED’s are specially designed for sensitive emulsion layers
  • Vertical spray bars on both sides for streak-free application of the closed loop water with 6 bar (optional with 35 bar)
  • Closed loop water system for optimized water consumption and better developing results by using the water at room temperature
  • Touch-screen-controller for storing up to 20 developing programs
  • Progress bar for real-time control of the actual process step
  • Progress bar for real-time control of the entire program
  • Full RFID-compatible with display monitoring and Ethernet cross-linking

BoxLite - the combined exposure plant for graphic and industrial screen printing application

Bochonow - BoxLite
  • Diamond structured rubber blanket for optimized vacuum results without additional suction devices ( no more incorrect exposures)!
  • Smooth one-hand lock
  • Automatically start of exposure program by locking the frame
  • Fully automatic program sequence
  • Fully automatic UV-protection doors
  • Optional quickstart or shutter system of the light source
  • Electronic lamp monitoring
  • Optionally with drying cabinet including 5 drawers with newly designed, one-handed operational screen bars
  • Optionally with film storing cabinet with 10 drawers
  • Full RFID-compatible with display monitoring and Ethernet cross-linking

UV-Star² - futuristic UV-Dryer equipped with the latest features

Bochonow - UV-Star
  • Touch-Screen-Control with 20 UV-Programs
  • Every UV-Program with belt speed control in M/Min. und UV-consumption in 30-100% stepless (!) controllability and storable for future use This allows different programs to be stored and in a matter of seconds the can be called up to allow reputability when the same setting are called for on a repeated basis.
  • The electronic ballast (EVG) enables the stepless power regulation of the UV bulb, the ensures the best possible use of energy, protects the bulbs and saves 60 % of the weight
  • With the optional „HEAT-EX“-system, the infrared rays will be captured before they reach the substrate. This reduces the thermal loading enormously
  • By using the optional “SensoStart”, the UV-bulb will be ignited only, if a printed sheet will be transported through the dryer => maximized energy saving
  • The optional „vacuum belt“ will fix even fluttering printed sheets firmly on the transporting belt
  • We use only UV-bulbs designed and manufactured in our own bulb plant, using various metal doping
  • UV-Star² is available in various UV performance levels from 80 – 250 W/cm per bulb
  • Also a combination of infrared-, cooling- or warm-air-sections are available
  • Full RFID-compatible with display monitoring and Ethernet cross-linking


Please visit us: FESPA Munich 22.06. - 26.06.2010 Hall A1 Stand 335

Bochonow - Genial

Photo shows Genial with closed automatic shutter door.


Automatic Screen Developing System with Shutter and Backlit Wall. Including electronic control board and touch screen panel.

The basic functionality of the Genial system comprises an automatic shutter door, which efficiently opens vertically upwards when switching on the unit. Simultaneously the backlit wall lights up automatically. In the standard version the unit is delivered with a white illumination, with yellow light being available optionally.

In this functional set-up the Genial can be used as a conventional developing booth and is optionally delivered with hose and shut off nozzle gun for manual use.

The screen frame(s) (one frame up to the maximum allowed size, or alternatively two smaller frames simultaneously) will be placed in the lower u-shaped bar and can be easily clipped to the left or right into the lateral fixations. The lower guide bar is v-shaped and equipped with drain holes, so excessive water is drained off the lower screen frame bar.

If the automatic development mode is desired, it can be started by pushing the start button. The shutter door will close evenly vertically downwards. When the shutter door is closed, the automatic developing program will be activated:

  1. The spray bar tracking system will spray recycling water from both sides onto the screen with a pressure of 6 bars by using the recycling water pump. The recycling water is stored by room temperature in the recycling water tank, thus facilitating the process of developing. The nozzles of the opposing spray bars are horizontally shifted and entangled by 5°. This unique design prevents the mutual elimination of force action of the water jets and ensures optimized developing results.
  2. The drainage will be lead back to the recycling water tank.
  3. The duration of the predevelopment is freely programmable (weakening of screens).
  4. After the postprocess of weakening, the developing takes place by spraying recycling water with a pressure of 6 bars onto the screen.
  5. After lapse of the freely programmable dwell time (drip off) the screen frame will be rinsed with fresh water from both sides. The rinsing pressure equals the in-house water supply.
  6. The drainage rinsing water will be lead back likewise to the recycling water tank, which will refresh and dilute the recycling water.
  7. After lapse of the second dwell time (equaling the dwelling time according 4.) the shutter door will open automatically and the system is ready for load off.
Bochonow - Genial

Photo shows Genial with opened automatic shutter door.

The heavy duty developing chamber is manufactured of hi-grade stainless steel 1.4301. The booth is welded by using most recent technology and leak tested.

The screen holder is manufactured of hi-grade stainless steel 1.4301 and designed for smooth on- and off-loading. Water residues will be avoided as best as possible. The screen holder is designed for save fixation of the maximum screen size or up to 2 screens with halve of the maximum size at the same time.

Master frames for multiple loading of more than 2 screens at the same time are available optionally.

The backlit wall is manufactured of hi-resistant and translucent polypropylene and offers a comfortable backlight with white light. Yellow backlight is available as an option.

The spray bar system is manufactured of hi-grade stainless steel 1.4301 and equipped with a low-maintenance drive and guiding system. The flat fan nozzles are optimized for the developing process and assuring flawless developing results by wide overlapping of the sprays. The horizontal offset of the nozzles yield line-free results also by using extremely sensitive emulsions. The speed of the spray bar is 3,5 m/min. thus applicable to all different emulsion types.

The recycling water tank is integrated in the base frame of the equipment. With apprx. 300 l the capacity is sufficiently dimensioned.

The developing pump sucks the water for the predevelopment process from the recycling water tank to the spray bars by creating 6 bars pressure. The pump is sturdy and durable. For specific areas of application, high pressure pumps with a pressure up to 40 bars are available as an option.

Bochonow - Genial

Photo shows Genial with tank swung out

Genial is the compact developing system for the demanding client.

Genial offers all the comfortable possibilities of automated developing, with the additional advantage of a possibility for manual use! That means a high return-on-invest and the answer to the vastness of day-to-day production requirements.

Genial is designed compactly and will be delivered ready for production, meaning no expensive installation on site. Only fresh water connection with diam. ¾“, waste water connection with min. 70mm and electrical power connection are needed.

automatic screen developing system with shutter and backlit wall
230/400 V 50 Hz 2,5 kW 3-phase +N + PE

Genial model 1
max. screen size 1100 x 1200 mm, price
price without recycling water, only fresh water operation

Genial model 2
max. screen size 1300 x 1500 mm, price
price without recycling water, only fresh water operation

Genial model 3
max. screen size 1500 x 1800 mm, price
price without recycling water, only fresh water operation

Genial model 4
max. screen size 1700 x 2000 mm, price
price without recycling water, only fresh water operation

Other sizes on request!


additional yellow backlight (instead of white)

additional white AND yellow backlight, switchable

additional high pressure pump with 15 bars

additional high pressure pump with 25 bars

additional high pressure pump with 40 bars

Bochonow - Masterrahmen

masterframe for CD-frames multiple loading of CD-frame each size 310 x 310 mm;

Bochonow kooperiert mit RENZMANN

... mehr


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newly arrived used machines
newly arrived used machines
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KÜHNAST Quickstart lamps for UV drying and copying, as well as ignition units, transormators, fan controls, rubber blankets and much more are now available from us. We look forward to your enquiry.
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Our Products

Every modern screen printing workshop or department feature modern and efficient screen printing equipment! No matter if for pre-press preparing of the screens, the printing process, drying of the printed substrates or post-press reclaining of screens - the current Bochonow-programme consists of well-engineered equipment for all applications.

Our Products

Every modern screen printing workshop or department feature modern and efficient screen printing equipment! No matter if for pre-press preparing of the screens, the printing process, drying of the printed substrates or post-press reclaining of screens - the current Bochonow-programme consists of well-engineered equipment for all applications.

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