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Every modern screen printing workshop or department feature modern and efficient screen printing equipment! No matter if for pre-press preparing of the screens, the printing process, drying of the printed substrates or post-press reclaining of screens – the current Bochonow-programme consists of well-engineered equipment for all applications.

A fine example of this is the newly designed GENIAL, the automatic screen developing unit with closed loop water system.

Useful screen format from 500 x 700 mm up to 3000 x 6000 mm and more introduces Bochonow Equipment to all areas of the screen printing industry.

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From the Desk of
Hermann Marburger-Theimer

newly arrived used machines
newly arrived used machines
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(09.04.2024 11:26)

KÜHNAST Quickstart lamps for UV drying and copying, as well as ignition units, transormators, fan controls, rubber blankets and much more are now available from us. We look forward to your enquiry.
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(29.07.2022 10:16)

BOCHONO service
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(26.07.2022 15:53)

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