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Every modern screen printing workshop or department feature modern and efficient screen printing equipment! No matter if for pre-press preparing of the screens, the printing process, drying of the printed substrates or post-press reclaining of screens – the current Bochonow-programme consists of well-engineered equipment for all applications.

A fine example of this is the newly designed GENIAL, the automatic screen developing unit with closed loop water system.

Useful screen format from 500 x 700 mm up to 3000 x 6000 mm and more introduces Bochonow Equipment to all areas of the screen printing industry.

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From the Desk of
Hermann Marburger-Theimer

Used Equipment
used screen washing system VA for max. screen frame size 1100x1200 mm for sale
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(26.10.2020 14:05)

new price lists from 01.04.2020
New price lists from 01.04.2020!
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